Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Word in Your Eye

After spending the best part of our day yesterday at International Jewellery London and looking at beautifully made sunglasses after that, we decided to go to the Kemistry Gallery in Shoreditch where they are currently showing a celebration of ten years of Alan Fletcher's seminal publication, The Art of Looking Sideways, which had taken him 18 years to finish.

Photograph is by EYELOVE

For the ones of you who don't know him Alan Fletcher was a British graphic designer and one of the founding members of the design firm Pentagram. I personally find Fletcher's thought process always very inspiring, almost an exercise for the mind and the eyes to look at things from different angles, so the exhibition has been a great opportunity to see the thought process behind each page of this amazing book.
Photograph is by EYELOVE

Fletcher once said "Design is not a thing you do. It's a way of life." I like to think that the same applies to us; as designers we don't stop "looking" once we switch off our laptops.

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