Monday, 19 September 2011

LFW love

I was lucky to be invited to Peter Jensen's London fashion week show at Somerset House yesterday afternoon to see the sunglasses we designed in action! Nina Simone was the muse for the collection and our frowning eyebrows paid homage to her rather angry temperament (she famously shot her neighbour for upsetting her concentration). The bunny ear glasses added an element of fun for which the label is known and loved for...

photo by EYELOVE
Peter Jensen neon bunny
photo by EYELOVE

photo by EYELOVE
                                                                   Bunny ear sunnies!
photo by EYELOVE
                                                              Angry eyebrow sunnies

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


On Sunday I visited Alex James' HARVEST Festival in Kingham. The weather was amazing though the wind was chilly! This is a small festival offering not just good music from up-and-coming bands but also some outstanding grub, what a great combination!

Photograph is by EYELOVE

These are some of the cooking classes held at the festival, some from a state of the art mobile kitchen
Photograph is by EYELOVE

...and some from a camping-tent!
Photograph is by EYELOVE

Some prepared liquid nitrogen ice-cream in front of us!
Photograph is by EYELOVE

Of course we didn't just concentrate on food! we also found some interesting sunglasses
Photograph is by EYELOVE
Round cat-eyes
Photograph is by EYELOVE
and pink Ksubi frames
Photograph is by EYELOVE

some even made sunglasses... inspired by the wicker man!

Photograph is by EYELOVE

Photograph is by Sandra Battistel

Monday, 12 September 2011


photo by EYE
photo by EYELOVE

Last week we popped to ID magazines pop-up shop and exhibition at Red Gallery on Rivington Street, London. A fantastic art and design bookshop and display of over 3 decades of ID magazine covers bulldog clipped to the walls from the very start of the magazine - hand stencilled and costing just 50p!
It is open until 18th September and has weekly interactive events..... 
 ...worth a peek we think!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Word in Your Eye

After spending the best part of our day yesterday at International Jewellery London and looking at beautifully made sunglasses after that, we decided to go to the Kemistry Gallery in Shoreditch where they are currently showing a celebration of ten years of Alan Fletcher's seminal publication, The Art of Looking Sideways, which had taken him 18 years to finish.

Photograph is by EYELOVE

For the ones of you who don't know him Alan Fletcher was a British graphic designer and one of the founding members of the design firm Pentagram. I personally find Fletcher's thought process always very inspiring, almost an exercise for the mind and the eyes to look at things from different angles, so the exhibition has been a great opportunity to see the thought process behind each page of this amazing book.
Photograph is by EYELOVE

Fletcher once said "Design is not a thing you do. It's a way of life." I like to think that the same applies to us; as designers we don't stop "looking" once we switch off our laptops.

International Jewellery London

 We set off yesterday for the International Jewellery London exhibition to look for inspiration and new ideas, though we never thought we would find some...eye-wear as well!!
Check out these chain-curtain sunglasses (and the horsehair necklace!)

Photograph is by EYELOVE

 Photograph is by EYELOVE

I love Bjorg's take on eyeglasses, or should I say eyelashes!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Style Crush - The perfect chic geek

A few weeks ago we visited the 'Vintage at Southbank' festival to grab some street style snaps of london vintage lovers in specs. We weren't dissapointed! Everyone had made such an effort with their outfits and there was some very inspiring vintage eyewear on show. My favourite snap of the day was of Annie (she looks like an annie doensn't she). A masterclass in simple styling with a twist, I loved her matching white frames and home made peter pan collar. 
It seems we weren't the only one to notice this stylish lady - I also spotted her in the new issue of grazia this week. Winning look - we agree!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Different Ways of Looking at Things

I like the way the view from the bottom of the staircase looks like the eye's iris!

Finding Visual Connections or Identifying New Trends?

I have been going through some pictures I took whilst in Florence in January earlier this year. I saw so many really interesting people and interesting glasses outside of the more established trends in the market. I like this girl’s glasses and in particular the geometric pattern on the surface of the frame!

Photograph is by EYELOVE

This reminded me of these interiors by architects Lecarolimited
The mirrors of different shapes and sizes create geometric patterns
Photograph is by Gerrit Engel

I sometimes can’t avoid making visual connections, this has been, at least up until now, the way I have been detecting new trends and looked for inspiration. However since the way we design and look for inspiration is evolving, the process of making these connections may become less relevant as more and more people express their own individual personality and therefore reject homogenisation and trends all together. Does this mean making visual connection becomes less relevant? Unless they actually inspire people as opposed to dictating what they should be wearing…What do you think?

Let the Colour Crash

It is pretty much amazing, we were lucky enough witness to the production colouring process.   
Love the colour crash and can't wait to see it on the glasses.....

Sunday, 4 September 2011


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